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I'm super excited to share the news of my brand-spanking new name. Well... almost new. In April 2023 my legal request for a name change was approved and 2023 has been a year of transition in updating Catori Vi Casary in legal documents, certificates, and more. Now that, that part is wrapping up I'm eager to make space to share the details for those who care enough to learn more. If you're reading this THAT'S YOU... Thanks for caring. 

Many of you know I was gifted with this beautiful life when Odilia Ramirez Fuentes birthed me, and along with Humberto Fuentes gave me the name Jennifer Lee Fuentes. Despite my gratitude for both gifts they can testify, as I do now, that I never fully identified with the name bestowed upon me. After learning at length about, not my Euro-Spanish heritage but about my Indigenous roots, the name Catori (an American Indian word for Spirit) was presented to me. The name Catori resonated deeply with who I am, my spiritual beliefs, the way I view the world, and the colonization of the lands that we inhabit. I believe there is little point in self-reflection, education, and personal growth unless one is willing to let one’s findings alter one's very beliefs and being. Therefore, in a quite literal approach, I changed my name legally not only to represent who I am and choose to be in this life but also what is held in my DNA and genetic memory. I own my identity as an act of self-determination and cultural survivance. 

Below I have outlined as briefly, and hopefully least boring as possible the significance of my new names, first, middle, and last. I would be more than happy to chat with anyone further about all things related to any aspects of my name change, culture, and journey. Thanks again for tuning in!


Indigenous Roots and Spiritual Journey


Divine Feminine


This one is a two-parter. As we know we live in a mostly patriarchal world where by pure habit and social norms children are given the names of their fathers, however, this wasn't always the case. Before we lived in predominantly patriarchal societies, we lived in matriarchal societies, especially amongst indigenous peoples. Women who choose to have children have the great gift of ushering in a soul from one dimension to the next. We are the chosen spiritual guides and the ultimate in divine feminine energy and spiritual work. In matriarchal societies, this was revered and respect was given. The land was held in the woman's name and passed down to her daughters bearing that same name. There is a special connection that comes from the womb chakra to a child, especially a child who is also blessed to be able to create life. 

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